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product name: 2,2'-Dipyridyl
product number: 366-18-7
Exhibitors: YZ
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a brief introdction

2,2'-Dipyridyl,usage: pharmaceutical materials,and also painting etc.; Manufacturer: Shanghai Yongzeng Chemical Company Limited

2,2'-Dipyridyl  Detailed description
2,2'-Dipyridyl; UN:2811; Class:6.1
Product Synonyms: 2,2'-Bipyridine;α,α'-Dipyridyl; 2,2'-Bipyridyl
CAS Registry Number : 366-18-7
Molecular formular :  C10H8N2  
Appearance :white crystal powder
Content :     98.5%min :off-white to yellowish crystal powder
                 99.5%min  :white crystal powder
Package :    25kg/cardboard drum
usage: pharmaceutical materials and painting etc.
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