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medicine used to treat Diabates:Canagliflozin 
Canagliflozin:antidiabetic drug; Diabetes can be divided into insulin-dependent (type I) and non-insulin dependent (type II), including type II diabetes is most common, accounting for more than90%of diabetic patients.Because the pathogenesis of diabetes complicated mankind has yet to find a cure for, which means that patients need lifelong treatment. As the pathophysiology of diabetes-depth understanding of different pathophysiological aspects of drug development is increasing. sodium-glucose co-transporter is currently developing a new, efficient one of hypoglycemic agents. It inhibits the activity of SGLT-2to enhance incretion activity, thereby reducing blood sugar, diabetes; drug therapy has become the new focus.
For the present,sodium-glucose co-transporter 2(SGLT2) inhibitors have become a potentially new therapeutic approach for the treatment of type 2 diabetes,and they could lower the blood glucose levels by inhibiting glucose reabsorption in the renal proximal tubules.They conclude C-aryl inhibitor,O-aryl inhibitor,S-aryl inhibitor,and N-aryl inhibitor,but C-aryl inhibitor and O-aryl inhibitor are in the hot research.Several SGLT2 inhibitors in development(dapagliflozin,canagliflozin,ASP1941,BI10773,and LX4211) have demonstrated the improvement in glycemic control and weight loss,along with slight adverse effects.
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